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Before the dust settles on his life, a young dancer decides to do something about it. He dances off against Death himself in one epic Krump battle.


A short dance film shot like none before it. Filmed in Slow-motion and retimed to a different beat… a visual spectacle.

Dust the movie

About this film:


Sloan Inns, a commercial Cinematographer, and his wife and producer Jenna Inns, set out to create a never seen before dance movie. 


Based on the curse placed on man, ‘you were made from dust, and to the dust you will return…” the two saw dance as a way to communicate the seeming futility of life and mans’ response to it. They set out to push the limits and after much R+D and many rehearsals with Mark Evans II, a professional dancer, they created a new style of dance movie. 


The filming took 18 hours of which Mark danced the majority of the time. The secret, however, to this revolutionary film lies in post production. Taking 1 year to edit and retime to a new musical score, the results are remarkable; giving the viewer pause as to how the dancer manages to dance in real time and break into slow-motion while keeping on beat. 


The talented crew sacrificed their time and energy in the hopes the film it will be an inspiration to those struggling with what to do between the time they are born and when the dust finally settles on their lives.